NETTECH COMPUTERS Builds the best quality systems designed for whatever purpose you need backed by a 3 year hardware warranty Call us 24/7 for a custom quote 339-244-4910



General Purpose Computer

Desgined for everyday needs and more such as web surfing, email, social networks. all of our system are custom desgined and not preconfigured and come with 3 year warranties.

Budget Gaming

Want a gaming rig but don’t have a few thousand for all the hype and hoopla in components. We can build a high quality gaming machine to get you started out on your fragfest and upgrade as needed.

Extreme Gameing

Frag and Brag with one of the slickest rigs on the planet. Miltary spec motherboards extreme perforamce ram, Quad Video set up, water cooled and custom cases.With these systems you will dominate .

Laptops & Tablets

“mobile” always on the go flexible. With today ultra-portable laptop and also tablet's thatg are now become productivity centers also, so now you can be on the go and have your work with you .

Workstations & Servers

Three to Fifty we can build what you need to make your business productive and streamlined and cost effective. Weather simple file server to full suite or application and internet servers.

Service Plans

We have service plans to fit everyone needs from home user who needs the comfort of on call tech support at no charge or a small business needing 24/7 system administration.